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AT LAST 2018

Created for Ballet Nacional Chileno in June 2018 as part of a full evening show called 123456 in collaboration with the director of BANCH Mathieu Guilhaumon.

This piece has two sides, Two bodies that symbolize the opposite spectrum of society.
We worked under the concept of disappointment in front of those who lead us and how we assume that responsibility in order to move and continue. The oppressor out and inside of us playing and making a state of mind that makes the atmosphere go to all places. Also and finally to think that within all of this there is always the other that is sweet and funny and can make us go forward without losing the fight.

  • Direction: Eduardo Zúñiga

  • Performers: David Correa, Facundo Bustamante

  • Costume Design: Carolina Vergara

  • Music: Stefan Levin,Etta James, Janek Schaefer, Goem.

  • Lighting: Andres Poirot

  • Length: 20 minutes aprox.

  • Premier: Teatro Universidad de Chile. 2018

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